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We are Orisha

Orisha is a European leading business software provider. Our solutions are used by more than 50,000 companies

Key figures


revenue in 2023







An international presence

Orisha is present in over 10 countries and has around twenty offices, mainly in Europe.














Our expertise

Core business solutions

We design SaaS software that is critical to our customers’ businesses (management, invoicing, CRM, collections, omnichannel).

Innovation ready

A modern, scalable foundation that is open to our customers’ ecosystems and the latest technologies (AI, cloud, APIs, etc.).

Business knowledge

We speak the same language as our customers, as enthusiasts and experts in the businesses we have been serving for over 20 years.


We guide our customers towards success by providing them with insight into the societal and technological transformations in their business sector.

Our vision

We live in exciting times, when social and technological developments are continually reinventing our daily lives. A changing world is full of opportunities to be seized, every company, whatever its business, whatever its size, needs to be well informed to continue to shine.

Our mission

We assert through the signature “Lighting up the Way” our role as a guide in a constantly changing world. As observers and participants in new practices, consumer trends, and technologies, we help businesses stay connected to the world around them.

Our executive committee

Jacques Ollivier
Elodie Warnod
Jérôme Zamy
Aymeric Thas-Pinot
Sylvie Lévénès
Daniel Kofie
Head of M&A
Vincent de Saint Sernin
CEO BU Real Estate

Marco de Vries
CEO BU Retail Chains
Guillaume Dewael
CEO BU Retail Shops et Distribution
Romain Léger
CEO BU Healthcare
Pascal Andries
CEO BU Construction