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Welcome to Orisha

Orisha is very committed to its employees' quality of life at work. Talents benefit from all the advantages of having access to local management, aligned with the realities on the ground, and the wealth of a group to develop talent.

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Our HR vision

Above all, joining the Orisha team means :

To develop

Skills development, training plans, sharing best practices… At Orisha, we advocate for the audacity to undertake and the right to test.

To thrive

Socialising is a key part of company life, and we believe our performance as a team is all the better for it.

To get involved

Orisha encourages team initiatives in order to promote the group’s values, such as local actions to support diversity, relationships with schools, community involvement and community solidarity.

To share

Every year, Orisha organizes wonderful internal events such as seminars and team-building activities to promote exchange and team spirit.

Join the Orisha adventure

Our teams are recruiting in France and abroad: find out more on our Careers page !

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