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October 2023

We gather specific data when you browse our website through the use of Internet technologies, including ‘Cookies.’ This Cookie Management Policy describes how our website uses Cookies and similar technologies to collect and store information when you visit our site. It outlines the options you have to accept or decline these Cookies at any time.


A cookie is a small file stored by a server on a user’s device (computer, phone, etc.) and associated with a web domain. This file is automatically sent back during subsequent interactions with the same domain.


According to the law, we can only place Cookies on your device if they are strictly necessary for the operation of this site or if they are exempt from consent requirements. For all other types of Cookies, we need your consent.

There are various types of Cookies :


Essential Cookies :

These are crucial for making a website functional by enabling basic features such as page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. Without these Cookies, the website cannot operate effectively, and they do not require user consent. These Cookies are essential for the operation of our website. They enable you to browse the site and use its basic functionalities.

Preference : These Cookies enable a website to remember information that alters the site’s behavior or appearance, such as your preferred language or your current region. While they do not require prior consent, we provide you with the option to disable them if desired.

Audience Measurement or Statistics : These Cookies enable us to gather insights into the usage and performance of our websites, facilitating improvements in their functionality. The service employed on our site records visited pages, visitor statistics, and their interactions with the site. Consent is required for these Cookies.


Marketing or Advertising: These Cookies are utilized to track visitors as they navigate across websites. Their purpose is to display advertisements that are relevant and engaging to individual users, thus delivering more value to third-party publishers and advertisers. Consent is required for these Cookies.



Using the Axeptio Cookie Management Platform :

We employ the Axeptio tool to facilitate Cookie management. The ‘Cookie Management’ button, located at the bottom left of your screen, allows you to adjust your Cookie preferences at any time.


Using your web browser :

Your web browser typically provides options to view, manage, delete, and block Cookies from websites. You can configure your browser to :

Save Cookies on your device or reject them, either systematically or based on their source.

Prompt you to accept or decline Cookies on a case-by-case basis before a Cookie is stored on your device.

Please be aware that if you delete all Cookies, you will lose all your preferences. Any changes you make to settings may impact your internet browsing and access to certain services that rely on Cookies. It’s important to note that certain essential website features may be affected by the settings you adjust, potentially leading to issues with registration or display (such as registration or display difficulties).

You have the option to configure your web browser software to either allow Cookies to be stored on your device or reject them, either systematically or based on their source.


The configuration steps for each browser may vary and can be found in your browser’s help menu, which will provide instructions on how to customize your Cookie preferences


Internet Explorer™ :




Chrome™ :


Firefox™ :


We encourage you to visit the CNIL website for additional information on how to configure Cookies in the Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer browsers :